Welcome Back!

Warbird is ready to set out on another adventure! When we started this blog in March our first destination was the Galapagos Islands. The epic trip ended up better than anybody could have imagined. After an uneventful trip back to Florida the yacht docked at Bahia Mar Marina in Fort Lauderdale to perform some scheduled maintenance. Once ready to sail in May, we pointed her south to Key West for a few days of relaxation. It was then time to head north to New England. We made the 4 day trip up the east coast from Fort Lauderdale to NYC. After a trip to Nantucket the boat was moored in Port Washington, NY for most of July. We are now underway from New York heading to Newport, RI. There we will finish final preparations before heading out on our trip to Nova Scotia.

Blue waters of the Keys!

Lady Liberty

Warbird in the Big Apple

Warbird at the foot of the World Trade Center

Picking up our mooring ball in Manhasset Bay

Brant Point Lighthouse, Nantucket

View through the window! (Looks like painting!)

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