Canal Transit Update (0930)

By Captain John

Gatun Locks Cleared!

We cleared the first set of canal locks, but not without a little unexpended excitement. When “Warbird” was being raised the first lock chamber, one of the four lines that hold us in the center of the chamber snapped. This caused the stern to fall rapidly to starboard and come close to the lock wall. Like the seasoned veteran he is, Captain Bob was able to remedy the situation and get a new line over. These lines were “rented” to us specifically for the transit. I guest they didn’t take into account that a 92ft boat can weight 240 tons! We were able to get through the next two chambers without incident and will have new larger lines meeting us at the next lock. I am very proud of the way the crew handled this emergency situation in such a calm manner. Well Done!

Turbulence in lock one!

Mules used to pull large ships.

Warbird locking up with a tanker!

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