Back to the task at hand…

After a bit of down time yesterday, the crew is back at it prepping “Warbird” for the next leg of our journey. In addition to the normal trip prep, we have a few additional items due to the sensitive nature of Galapagos cruising.

We are required to get a fumigation report from our last port of call stating we are free on any incest or critters that we might bring into the Country.

We have to have a scuba diver inspect of the bottom of the boat with video showing we are not bringing any barnacle growth on the hull into the Galapagos.

There is an extensive list of food items that we are not allowed to bring into the country as well. We have to go through our stores to ensure none of these restricted items are aboard. When we arrive in the Galapagos all off these items will be inspected.

Fumigation Report

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