Trip Update: Hour 58

We are entering our third evening since we departed from Panama for the Galapagos Islands. The trip has been calm and quiet and the boat is running perfectly. The crew took advantage of the great weather and spent the day prepping for our arrival into the islands.

We are exactly halfway through with 425 NM to go. The current has been in our favor which will help us arrive 24 hours ahead of schedule. Out internet us dropped off a bit. As I mentioned in a previous post, I expect our internet connection to blackout in the next day or so. Once we get to the Galapagos we will be back in cell range and continue posting. It has become difficult to post in the last 24 hours , especially pics and videos. Overall the crew is in high sprits and looking forward to arriving at our destination. So far everything we have posted in the blog since the beginning has been about getting there! The real fun will begin on the other end, stay tuned!!!

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