Day vs Night!

Most of our passages from island to island take place at night. The beautiful rock formations that we see in the day can look a bit more intimidating after the sun goes down. After departing from Cristobal we traveled 65 miles to our first destination. We arrived into the anchorage area around 1:00 AM. Everything looked fine on the radar and chart plotter as we made our final approach. As Warbird slowly began closing the distance to the island ahead, we energized the FLIR camera and spotlight to see what was ahead. We found rock formations that were just a few hundred yards off the bow that towered into the night sky. When our spotlight (aka: Photon torpedo) was energized the massive rocks seemed visually closer then they appeared on radar. It looked like we were viewing the surface of a far off planet. Needless to say, we all decided we were close enough and stopped the boat to anchor. Little did we know this was just a taste of what lied ahead!

Isla Bartolomew at night.

Daytime arrival into Wolf Island!

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