An amazing trip indeed!

Team “Warbird”!

By Captain John

So the Warbrird Galapagos adventure has come to an end. The guests have returned home to their normal lives and the boat is on the long voyage back to Fort Lauderdale. Sometimes in life we will build up anticapation for a trip or event only to find in the end it did not live up to our expectations. I can say on behalf of all involved that this was not the case. All of the natural beauty of the landscapes and wildlife was truly spectacular. The diving was world class and the shore excursions diverse. I was hoping to share the adventure on this blog throughout the trip as we cruised. Unfortunately, due to lack of internet that became impossible. Over the next few days and weeks I will try my best to share with all, a glimpses into our unforgettable expedition.

It’s hard to say goodbye!

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