More highlights!!!

Haggy hanging out with the marine iguana at Cabo Douglas.

Notice Haggy is diving with a full face mask/regulator!

Kate and Josh are enjoying one of the many early morning hikes though out the trip!

This is a overhead shot of Sombrero Chino, (Chinese Hat)

This shot is looking out over our first anchorage at Isla Bartholomew. Look closely and you will see Warbird!

Shore party out with our Naturalist” Jason. (more on him later)

Crew member Taylor enjoying the view!

Warbird anchored at sunrise!

Early morning brief of the days plan!

Kate is riding though the Elephant Arch at Wolf Island!

Haggy is trailblazing through the Mangroves leading the group!

Chef Lise taking a break from the galley to head ashore!

Maybe this one should have stayed on the cutting room floor!

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