Mid Trip Maintenance.

Warbird had been out at sea away from a dock since departing Panama a few weeks prior . During this time the boat never shuts down. We are constantly on the move with machinery running 24 hours a day. This includes generating our own power, making fresh water from sea water, treating all gray water and sewage, and cleaning and polishing fuel. Due to the length of the trip we needed to complete maintenance work in between Galapagos diving and hiking . Below you will see Haggy and Captain John in the engine room completing oil changes on the generator and engines. Warbird carries 120 gallons of clean oil in a tank and has the capacity to hold 120 gallons go dirty oil in a separate tank. This allows us to perform several oil changes on long trips without the need to top up. All oil is changed through a series of valves and pumps that are plumbed directly to the machinery. This particular day we also replaced all primary and secondary fuel filters, installed new generator raw water pumps, and cleaned AC strainers. Warbird is like a mini city that never sleeps!

Who say’s owners don’t get their hands dirty!

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