Warbird Bahamas Winter 2020! Let the fun begin!

Warbird is anchored in West Bay of Conception Island. The entire island is part of the Exuma Land and Sea Park.


We decided to move in closer to the beach. Here we are anchored in 11 ft of water. The anchorage is so beautiful we all agreed to stay a second night.


Haggy leading the exploration around Conception Island!

Mermaids are real!!


Our first dive took place off the east side of San Salvador. While prepping out gear we were greeted by two playful dolphins off of the back of the boat. Little did we know they would become our guides for a dive of a lifetime! They followed us and were playing the entire dive!!! Here is Kate with a front row seat!

Mission accomplished! We were able to take the Sealegs up the interior creek on Conception Island. The water got a little skinny, but we came out unscathed!

Casey led Logan and Lise on an introductory scuba diving lesson. This was Lise’s first dive ever!

It looks like she enjoyed herself!

Thanks for the training Casey!!

Warbird and out Fleet!

Good thing Warbird is a full displacement vessel because we are loaded with gear for this trip!

Captain John and Lise celebrating her first dive!!

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