Warbird is prepping to sail!

After a long hiatus due to the COVID19 epidemic, Warbird is getting ready to sail again. Everybody in the Warbird family has remained safe and healthy during the past few months. The crew is ready to get back to a some what normal schedule and back on the water. We maintained a rotating schedule during the virus peak to ensure proper maintenance and cleaning was completed.

Generator Overhaul

Warbird has two 40KW Onan generators that produce power when were away from the dock. They have been reliable, but getting up there in hours. (8000) We decided to used the down time during to have each of them completely rebuilt. We only worked on one at a time just in case we needed a generator in emergency. No screw was left unturned, the rebuild included all sensors, pumps, hoses, ect.. The entire top and bottom end was changed out with a new block. The generator end was send out for a complete rewire and winding.

Initial Start up after rebuild.

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