Short stop in Block Island

The next stop for Warbird after D.C. is Block Island. We departed early in the morning for the trip back down the Potomac and out of the Chesapeake. After 56 hours of crushing out next stop was Paynes Dock in Block Island. Of course we were greeted with New England Fog!

Kate, we love the new look. At least someone on Block Island is wearing a mask!

A view from the south end.

Kate and Jim both arrived on the same day, but by different modes.

Jim flew in on his Aztec “F-Bomb.” I wonder where this name came from!

After dodging weather, Kate arrived by Helicopter.

Here is Taylor piloting the tender for a sunset cruise.

Congrats to the “Smith” family we met on the dock. Three kids and counting!

Although somebody might have been having a tough day!

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