Planning out the main event.

We are 24 hours away from the beginning of our Galapagos adventure. We have received our final itinerary and were able to place it on a nautical chart. The total 13 day cruise will take us to many different islands covering a total of 763 nautical miles. Each day is split into an AM and PM activity. These will mainly consist of scuba diving sites and land excursions. The line on the chart is our intended route. Most of the miles will be covered overnight so we arrive at the next days destination before sunrise. The park has very strict regulations on the movement of vessels. We have to stick to our itinerary by the hour without any changes. The park only wants a certain amount of boats at each site so the wildlife isn’t disturbed. Looking at the chart you will see the long line that goes to the upper left. This leg will take us 100 miles up to two small “rocks” called “Darwin” and “Wolf. These are considered to be two of the premier dive sites in the world. They are only accessible by the few live-aboard dive boats licensed by the Galapagos to make the trip. We will have one of these boats accompany “Warbird” for 6 days of our trip. More to come on that! We will post info on each site daily as internet allows. We look forward to transforming all of the months of planning into a reality!!!!

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