Where in the World is “Warbird”?

At last! Our communications have returned! Since our last post almost a week ago we have been without an internet connection fast enough to upload anything to this blog. We knew data signals would be limited, but not nonexistent. We are on day six of the trip since departing from Cristobal. we are happy to report that our Galapagos experience so far has exceeded expectations. The overall abundance of wildlife and scenic beauty is hard to describe. Most of the creatures here do not shy away from human contact, but in fact become curious. We have seen sharks, rays, turtles, sea lions, eels, red footed boobies, blue footed boobies, tuna, just to name a few. The scuba diving has truly been both world class and advanced. Each island is different than the last and each day is a truly new experience. We are not sure how long our internet connection will last. While we have it we will try to upload some snapshots of out adventure at the half way point. We apologize for the abrupt blog silence and hope to continue sharing with all!!

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