Bahamas Relief / Mission #3

September 11, 2019. It has been 18 years to the hour since the attack on the World Trade Center. We were airborne with beautiful visibility similar to the morning of 9/11/01. We all took a moment to reflect on the moment. To appreciate the efforts of the men and women on the ground that day and the days that followed. To understand how our world had changed since the moment the first plane hit. Never Forget!!

Here is half of “Team Warbird” aboard N1MG on our way back to Treasure Cay.

Mission #3 objectives:

1) Delivery another round of supplies from the US.

2) Fill and deliver over 200 gallons of gasoline in forty 5 gallon containers.

3) Verify the best location of our SATCOM equipment.

4) Evacuate any locals on the ground.

5) Be back in the air heading home by 1100.

On the ground at Treasure Cay Airport

We are happy to see that the line of locals waiting to evacuate from the island was gone in Treasure Cay.

Taylor and “T” were friends long before Dorian devastated the Bahamas. It was their friendship that brought our team together to facilitate the missions that followed. “T” was instrumental in connecting our team on the ground with the locals in the Abacos. His hard work is prove that one person can make a difference. Today was the first time Taylor was able to join on a mission. I would like to thank both of them for bringing “Team Warbird” together to help so many in need.

Just a few of the many additional supplies we were able to bring over on our third trip.

Rob and I arrived at the clinic in Coopers Town. Coppers Town is situated to the Northwest of Marsh Harbor and was not hit with the full force of the storm. There was still a great deal of damage, but most structures remained in place. The clinic had many first responders on the ground trying to get the medial facility up and running. We were told their biggest issue was lack of communications! This was where our SATCOM would be most useful.

Once we decided it was best to move the SATCOM equipment to the Coopers Town Clinic. The next step was to drive back to Treasure Cay, breakdown the equipment, bring it north to the clinic, and reestablish communications. Local resident “Fonz” was our driver and described his experiences to us during our transit.

Thanks for the lift Fonz!

Nick helping with the set up of the SATCOM at the Clinic. The first location for set up was on the ground behind the clinic. We didn’t feel good about leaving the Sat dish exposed and inline for potential blockage. Even with the 1100 deadline for extraction approaching we decided to move the dish to the roof of the clinic.

Here Rob Abbot is establishing the SATCOM communications.

Ground location, no good!

SATCOM final location!

Mission 3 was another success!

We accomplished all of our goals. Surprisingly, we didn’t have any evacuees to remove from Treasure Cay . Hopefully this was a good sign that most people were able to get out of the Abacos. It was amazing to see how much clean up had taken place even in the short time span since our first mission. Roads were being cleared, tarps were placed on roofs, homes were being repaired. It is estimated it could take up to a full year until power was completely restored. The road ahead to rebuilding will no doubt be long and difficult. I look forward to the day we can all return to the Abacos for relaxation after the restoration!

Marsh Harbor Bahamas (Pre storm)

Team “Warbird” for Mission 3!

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