Warbird Yard Period 2019

After covering over 12,000 nautical miles in the last 13 months, it’s time for Warbird to undergo some repairs and maintenance. Warbird went into Lauderdale Marine Center in Fort Lauderdale for its annual service period. During this time we perform scheduled maintenance, make repairs, upgrade systems, and reset the boat for another year of great cruising. In addition to hundreds of smaller tasks that will be completed, the following is a list of some of the larger items we are planning to complete.

  1. Main Engine 5000 hour service.
  2. Generator 3000 hour service.
  3. Replacement of old waste treatment system with new Headhunter System.
  4. Upgrade of A/V system to include a Kaleidescape movie server.
  5. Install of two underwater cameras/ lights that will show the props.
  6. Upgrade of Stabilizer system to run in zero speed (at anchor mode.)
  7. Upgrade of engine room Ventilation system to am automated “Delta T”

Warbird weights in at over 240 tons. We are required to use LMC’s largest lift nicknamed “The Beast” due to this weight!

Warbird coming up out of the water

Here is a great look at the bottom configuration of Warbird. Notice the skegs under each prop that protects from impact.

A cooling tower is used to run the air conditioning when the boat is on the hard.

The engine room is a busy place with engine and generator service happening at the same time!

The crew installed a lifting system to lift the work benches to gain access to the top of each generator.

The brains behind the new Delta T ventilation system.

This is one of the new underwater lights that will illuminate the areas around the props. Each propeller will be fitted with an underwater camera that will give us a view of the prop and surrounding area. These cameras will be able to be viewed from the wheelhouses and main salon!

The hull was cut for the install of the new light. This section was 3 inches of solid fiberglass.

This is the main engine after-cooler. It was send out for cleaning and pressure testing. This is all part of the major engine service we are performing.

The bow strike plate has taken its share of hits over the years. This will be removed and refinished.

Once the plate was removed, we found it wasn’t adhered correctly in the first place. We with fix that!

This is part of the new Headhunter MSD system that will be installed. This system treats sewage to be discharged while at sea.

More to Come!

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