Warbird is prepping for the Bahamas, but first here is what you missed!

It has been awhile since our last post! Sorry about that!!! After completing our haul-out at Lauderdale Marine Center. Warbird headed south to Virgin Gorda for the New years.

Virgin Gorda Arrival

One of the upgrades we made in the yard was installing two underwater cameras that face aft at the props under the boat. This video shows the cameras together on the same screen. What you are seeing is actually two separate cameras. Combined it provides a full underwater view!

Here is a look anchored off Highbourne Cay in the Bahamas. We had about 2 feet of weather under the keel!

Taylor and Logan prepping the boat in Virgin Gorda!

The crew with some down time on Christmas.

Taylor and Lise enjoying the Sunset!

View From the Baths

Savannah Bay / Virgin Gorda

Guest Arrival!

Warbird is under new command!

A day relaxing in North Sound.

Sunset From Colison Point!

Rainbows on out way to Normans Island

On our way trip down to Virgin Gorda we noticed a problem with the starboard stabilizer.

This is no good!!!!

You can see that slight movement in the pin that connects the stabilizer shaft to the cylinder. This is an indication the bearing has failed. This can be a major problem and will only get worse over time. We decided the problem should be fixed down island before the trip back to Fort lauderdale. We put together a parts package and flew in reinforcements to make the repair.

The repair went into the night but was completed successfully. Our mechanic Bill was a rock star and showed us how to “beat” the parts into submission!!

Well done Bill! Thanks again for your help!

The crew threw some fishing lines out on the trip back to Fort lauderdale.

Taylor is the official Warbird Fisherwoman. Here she caught us some dinner for the evening!

After a few days of calm seas the forecast was going to make a change for the worse. We decided to alter our course and take the Old Bahama Channel heading north to Florida. The winds we forecasted to pick up over 35 kts out of the north east. W hugged the great Bahamas bank for as long as we could, but finally had to make a turn to cross the Gulf Stream.

The Arrival of the “Gandy Dancer”

For our upcoming Bahamas trip we decided to bring along the 32′ Everglades center console “Gandy Dancer.” Warbird will tow this boat astern throughout the Bahamas. In order to safely accomplish this we had to install a proper tow eye into the bow of the Everglades.

We decided to head out of Port Everglades for a test tow of the Gandy Dancer to see how she would ride. It is a heavy boat with a great hull. The test went well.

The sealegs is undergoing engine service. It is nice to be able to lower it to the dock on its wheels to complete the service.

The upcoming Bahamas trip will include diving. This is our DYI dive gear rack we made to hold the gear.

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