A week until we splash!

With one week until Warbird is floating again, things are getting a bit hectic! Most jobs are nearing completion and the boat is being reassembled. Here are a few more pics showing the progress.

This grate covers the intake for our Lazz. AC. You can see it became a home for a poor crab! We modified the intake with a different type of strainer so a diver can slide out and service it under the water.

The “Spurs” were reconditioned and reinstalled. They act as line cutters and will slice through any lines that wrap around the props. They need to be serviced each time the boat is hauled.

The following pic shows our new horn compressor and tank. The old system had many hours and the compressor was operating louder than normal. The old tank was also rusting from the inside out. In order to prevent the new tank from suffering the same fate, we will install an auto drain and line heater to keep the inside of the tank dry from condensation.

The first of two coats of antifouling paint is applied.

This hole is to accommodate a new vent in the lower master shower. It was hard to find a contractor willing to cut this hole into the marble so the honor went to Captian John!

Little did we know the hole would go through two thick walls of wood and fiberglass. One hour and two hole saws later we have a vent hole!

New AB dive Tender arrives!!!

We upgraded one of the tenders that lives on the bow to a 15ft Aluminum RIB tender. This boat will be outfitted to be used as a dive platform and work boat.

Fitting the new tender on the bow. Luckily, it looks like we measured correctly!!

The following is the final install of plumbing and new strainer for the Lazz A/C. We upgraded the size of the through hull and strainer basket to help with air locks that occurred when underway. The white sump box to the right takes condensation from the AC unit and pumps it overboard. All plumbing and electrical was completed by Captian John!

This is a new style pump installed for the LAZZ AC. It pumps ocean water to the chiller unit. The old one didn’t produce enough flow!

Even a well maintained boat cannot escape corrosion from sea water. While the crew was replacing the stabilizer cooling pump we noticed a few leaking fittings coming off of the sea chest in a hard to reach area. These fittings will be cleaned and replaced as needed. The corrosion never stops!

The main engine work is almost complete.

Blue Hose Replacement

We installed two new screens above the main helm to act as MTU Engine displays. The final helm layout is nothing short of amazing.

This is one of the two new displays to show engine data. You will see that the voltage is showing green (27v). All parameters will change colors from blue – green – yellow – red, depending on operation conditions.

Next update when we are floating again!

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