Warbird sails again!

On September 23rd, 2020, Warbird was hauled out of the water at Lauderdale Marine Center in Fort Lauderdale, Fl. What started out as a paint job, finished as the largest refit on the boat to date. During the 8 months that followed 1000’s of tasks both large and small were completed. The boat was in fact repainted and the exterior brought back to new. In the end, every system on board was serviced, replaced, and maintained. Warbird is now in the best shape ascetically and mechanically than ever before. It has been quite some time since we went “black out” on this blog. “Rest Assured”, we are back and ready for new adventures. I am writing this as the boat is departing Key West Harbor. We are on the last day of a shakedown cruise allowing us to fully test all systems. We did find a few minor issues that need to be address during the trip. Overall the boat ran well and everybody was excited to get back out on the water. Over the next few weeks we will be getting ready for our summer trip to New England. During this time I will continue to share all of the amazing upgrades we have made over the last year. It’s good to be back!!

Captain John

Key West Sunset
At Anchor in the Dry Tortugas

Captain John

The bulbous bow and fins were painted to resemble to markings on Jim’s P51 Mustang “Old Crow”

Complete replacement pf stabilizer system to a larger version
New Carbon Fiber upper helm
Brand new “Sealegs”
Davit Load Test
Teak Decks Sanded
New custom Generator sound shields.
New Captain’s quarters media wall.

3 Comments on “Warbird sails again!

  1. Ship looks beautiful. Glad you kept the dark hull. Hope to see you in Camden, ME again this summer!

  2. The ship looks impressive! We just arrived in Nantucket Moorings yesterday and saw her on the dock while riding the launch. It’s good to be sharing the same anchorage with Jim and Warbird once again.

    “Dress Gray”, Fleming 75-03

  3. It was a pleasure having you spend a bit of time in Eastport.

    Steve from the sailboat Lullaby

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