“Down East”

The coast of Maine is one of the most beautiful and pristine cruising grounds a boater could ask for. There are endless bays and rivers to explore. Cruising in this area is not for the novice boater or faint of heart. It is not uncommon to find swift currents, large tides, and zero-visibility fog on any given day. These factors, combined with the added “fun” of dodging lobster gear, keeps a good crew on their toes. Through-out my yachting career, most summers included a few weeks on the “western” Maine coast. Most boater cruise between Portland and Mount Desert Island, myself included. This summer Warbird decided to head east! The eastern half of the Maine coast does not attract as much boating traffic. The is due to the lack of facilities, and distance in-between. We started this trip in Southwest Harbor with a quick stop in Camden. On our second evening of the trip we went overnight 100 miles east to the town of Eastport, Maine. Eastport is on the Canadian border at the entrance to the Bay of Fundy. This area of the world is known to have the largest tides. In Eastport the tide change averaged 18ft! We spend two days tied up to the town dock and were able to explore the area. We found a gem of a New England town with a laid back vibe. The people were welcoming to Warbird with open arms. Our new local friend Captain Butch (Eastport Wind Jammers) took us out on his boat to find some whales and get a closer look at the “Old Sow” Whirlpool. Over all it was a great stop that definitely deserves another visit!

Sunset in Southwest Harbor
Warbird moored in foggy Camden Harbor
Good times finding some Whales!
American Bald Eagle
Head Harbor Light
Jim and Karli
Paul enjoying the cruise!
Captain John and Josh viewing Warbird at low tide!
Jim with a successful “Sealegs” landing!
The Wabird Crew out for a lunch Break! (John, Taylor, Tiffany)
Chef Briana killing it in the Galley!
New Paint Job looks good!
Josh inspecting the cold water diving gear on the Whale boat.
The crew having fun with the town Statue! Well done ladies!
Jim getting the local scoop from Captain Butch

Warbird at anchor in Blue Hill Bay

I guess not all Maine boaters were into the new paint job!!! This guy was just saying hello to his new neighbors!

Karli enjoying the view!
We found Whales!

4 Comments on ““Down East”

  1. Fantastic to see you guys “out & about “again . The tides in Maine are sure “heavy” but I used to pilot ships in to and out of Broome in Western Australia and 7 – 9 Mtr tides are common. We had a very careful pilotage when passing Transit Rock against a 5 – 7 knot tidal stream and a clearance of 113Ft to Stbd. Also share your concerns on avoiding pots and fishing gear. But it is obviously well worth it. Loved the Pics and thanks so much for sharing , keep ’em coming. Rgds

  2. Jim H looks like gizmo, from the jetsons. Right?

    • Mistake….jim h looks like the great gazoo from the jetsons.

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