Half Way Point!

We are at about the half way point of our annual yard period. We are scheduled to launch back in the water in two weeks! Once launched we will have two weeks for sea trials before heading to the Caribbean. There are hundreds of tasks and checks that will need to happen between now and then. The crew is doing a good job of keeping things moving at a proper pace. Here are some update photos showing some of the different jobs happening.

A new dash install above the chart table. This was needed to make way for new engine displays and replacement of faulty ICOM VHF radios.

Once of the biggest jobs this years was the upgrade of the audio/ visual system. This required a few thousand feet of new cable runs that all terminate in the Salon!

The black and grey water discharged pump were tired and on their last legs. They were both replaced with new Headhunter diaphragm pumps.

This is one of the sea water strainers dedicated to the main engines. They were both pulled out of the boat for service and rebuild.

We are upgrading the stabilizer system to run in “Zero Speed” mode while at anchor. Normally the main engines produce the pressure needed to run the stabilizers when underway. Since the engines are not running at anchor a secondary motor and pump are needed to provide the necessary pressure. As you can see this is no small pump!

Sun coming up on another day in the yard!

Organization in any yard period is a major factor. The engine room becomes unusable for tools, workbenches, and storage. The crew set up multiple pods containers to house parts, tools, and other items that will be used in the yard. Here is a glimpse of our set up!

As we complete the various tasks we inevitably come across additional issues that need to be added to the list. Here are a few from this week.

We had to replace a bad connector in out main engine displays.

We found a cracked pressure valve in the steering system that will be replaced.

A leak was found in the top of the Lazz. AC sea water strainer. The basket will be rebuilt and the pump replaced.

More to Come!

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